Review of Best Bathroom Extractor Fan and Buying Guide

For a small portion of time each day, most bathrooms are moist and humid. Now, unless your bathroom is well vented, this moisture will remain in the air, and make it gross for another person to use the bathroom immediately after.

There is also a wide range of issues associated with moist bathrooms such as mildew, rot, mold, etc.

A bathroom extractor fan is designed for specifically extracting this moist air from the bathrooms leaving them dry and free of humidity that can cause a myriad of issues. You can also use them in the kitchen for the same purpose, but never use them in the living room or the bedroom.

This fan is not a luxury. It is a must-have in most households because it also sucks away any unpleasant odors in your home.

Review of 5 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans:

Airflow iCON 100mm Extractor Fan – ECO 15 240V

This is a 100 mm ventilation kit made of plastic and measures 20.6 x 20.4 x 13 in cm. It is lightweight and weighs only 1,000 grams. The physical design and look are circular, with an elegantly stylish and unobtrusive sleek look which shall definitely enhance your bathroom’s décor.

It has an iris shutter feature which reduces the noise level. The noise level measured at 35dB. Which is high, but still lower than most other fans. It operates with a remote switch that needs you to choose a plug-in module for added functionality.

It is suitable for an ensuite bedroom, a small bathroom or cloakroom.

Please note that it fits into any room because of its slim profile and cantilever fixing lugs. The power rating is 230-240 V, and this in addition to the 50 Hz makes it a very powerful fan to have in your home. The flow rate for this airflow fan is 68mhr.


  • Complies with modern regulations for fans.
  • Has a remote switch for ease of use.
  • Simple installation procedure.
  • Blends in easily with the environment and even enhances the décor.


  • Does not come with a timer.
  • Sound level may be higher compared to the other fans.

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Envirovent Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan – 100 HT

This is a compact and lightweight fan that is ideal for most bathrooms and other utility rooms such as the toilet and kitchens. This is because it is highly susceptible to humidity and dampness.

It comes with 2 additional features that you may not find in other fans; The humidistat and a timer. The humidistat helps you make adjustments that are between 60 – 90 % and the timer gives you a 30-minute shutoff interval.

It weighs 599 grams and measures 16.8 x 16.6 x 12.4 in cm.  This makes it easy to install and clean. The motor of the Envirovent extractor is positioned on silent blocks which makes the noise levels extremely low.

You get a 5-year warranty when you purchase this extractor fan.


  • Comes with an adjustable timer which gives a 30-minute delay interval.
  • The humidistat gives you the ability to set the humidity levels.
  • It is very quiet in its operations.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Easy installation and clean-up.


  • Cost of fixing or mending the fan is high.

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Greenwood Airvac Centrifugal Extractor Fan – S90T

This is a great model for extracting moist air from bathrooms and other spaces in the house with poor ventilation. Its airflow rate is 21 liters/second and a rate of 75 cubic meters per hour. This is a very fast extractor fan.

It weighs 1.5 Kgs., and measures 17.4 x 17 x 20.4 in cm. The process of installation is pretty easy, but you need to take care of the live cables, otherwise, the fan may not function correctly.


  • Easy installation procedure.
  • Comes with a timer.
  • Has a high extraction rate.


  • You must follow the correct connection procedure, otherwise, the timer will not work.
  • Does not come with a humidistat.

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Vent-Axia VASF100T, 4.3 W, 240 V Extractor fan

This comes with two speeds on the motor which offers you options. You can set the lower speed while installing to pump out 15 liters of air per second at a very low noise level of 14dB. Or you can choose the higher/full speed that operates at 21 liters/second, but the noise level is higher at almost 26dB.

It is beautifully designed to enhance any room with a white plastic cover that houses an otherwise ugly inside. It comes with an over-run timer which ensures the fan runs for between 5-30 minutes after switching it off.

This is a clever fan that will unobtrusively keep your bathrooms clear of any moisture or humidity. The added feature in the Vent-Axia that you shall not find anywhere else is perhaps the IP44 splash proof that gives you the freedom to install it anywhere and not worry about water splashes.


  • It can be very silent.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is durable and has a long warranty.


  • Does not come with a humidistat.

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Manrose Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan – MF100T

This is an incredibly quiet fan that you cannot hear even when you are close to it. It is barely a whisper, and therefore perfect for high extraction. It can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling and it is perfect for bathrooms as well as toilets.

The sound produced is 25 dB. Which is pretty good compared to the other types of fans. The rate of extraction is 245 CFM at a speed of 68 liters per second. The power consumption is also low at 25 watts which is quite ideal.

It has a ball bearing of a high standard which ensures a long working life. It is actually warranted for 30,000 hours or 3 years.

It comes with 3-speed settings. This allows you to set the one you want it to operate at. The installation is easy and it can be assembled and disassembled easily as well. In case you want to repair it or shift to another room, this comes in very handy.

There are 2 double insulations that do not require an earth connection, hence, there is no possibility of shock. It is safe for both children and pets.

It runs on a timer which can be set in conjunction with the room settings. When the room is lighted, it switches the fan on automatically, and even when you switch off the light, the fan will continue operating until all of the air has been extracted.


  • Affordable.
  • Has a low energy consumption.
  • Has 3-speed settings for added performance.
  • Runs on a timer.
  • Long lasting.
  • Has a long warranty period of up to 30,000 hours.
  • It is extremely quiet.


  • May require an update.
  • It is small.

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Buying Guide for the Best Bathroom Extractor Fan:

In order to choose a good bathroom extractor fan, consider the following buying guide:

Size of the fan:

Size actually matters. The bigger the fan, the more air it will extract. However, you must consider the size of your bathroom before going out and purchasing the biggest fan you shall find in the market. Most washrooms are small in size so be sure to take the appropriate measurements before purchasing an extractor fan.

You can also choose to purchase many small-sized fans and put them up in your bathroom. This would be able to serve the same purpose as a big sized one, and it shall definitely save up on space in your bathroom.

Fan capacity:

This is a major feature when deciding the type of fan to buy. This means how much air it can be able to handle at any one time. The measurement used for this is Cubic Feet Meter (CFM), the simple mathematics in this is that, if you have a fan with a high CFM, it shall suck out more air.

To measure how much air, you need to be sucked out, take the measure of the square foot of your bathroom, then multiply this by the ceiling height, then divide it by 7.5. This gives you a rough idea of how powerful you want your fan to be.

Noise level:

The noise level is definitely a point of concern. If it is too loud, then it shall distract the entire household, so, you need to find one that is not too noisy in its operation. A fan is one of those devices that are better felt and not heard.

The noise level is calculated by Decibels i.e. dB. A quiet fan will suck in more air from the bathroom compared to one that is too loud. Now, anything below 30 dB. Is considered quiet enough, but above that is too loud.

This is how the noise levels sound like;

10 dB(A) – this sounds like leaves gently rustling in the distance.

20 dB(A) – this sounds like the background noise from a live studio.

30 dB(A) – this sounds like a quiet bedroom at night.

40 dB(A) – It sounds like library noise.

50 dB(A) – this is like the average noise in the house during the day.

60 dB(A) – this is the conversion sound at 1 meter.


Various options are available for mounting your fan. Some are suitable for walls, while others are ideal for ceilings. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to be able to understand which mounting the fan has been designed for.

One thing you should know is that all the extractor fans must be mounted on a high point above the ground. This is because, the strategy behind the fans is to extract air from the room, and since air rises, the best location for them would be a high point. If it is located on the floor, then it will not be able to extract the air from the room as it will have already risen.

Types of extractor fans:

You are likely to find the following 3 main types of fans as you shop around;

The axial – This is a low powered fan that needs to be ducted at a short distance. Install it near the exit point so that 2-3 m of the fan will cover the distance. It is ideal for most bathrooms.

The centrifugal – This is very powerful compared to the axial. It makes noise in its operations and it is ideal for large bathrooms.

The inline – This is probably the most powerful extractor fan you shall find. It is used where there isn’t a direct access to an outside wall. The ducting can be as long as 50m and can be used where the exit option is not available.



The best fan has got to be the Manrose MF100T Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan which comes with a wide variety of features and ensures your kitchen, bathroom or any other room with poor ventilation has a free flow of clean air.

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